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What we do

With Our experience, huge amounts of money spent on advertisements over the years. We can proudly say we developed top techniques on different platforms to target different audiences according to your business niche.

Our Accomplishments 

K.E. Media

KE Media, with our 7 years experience in the field of software, mobile app development and internet marketing is the ultimate connoisseur of social media marketing. Our ideology is simple yet powerful. KE Media focuses on startups and brands which have substantial and influential ideas but fail to reach its ideal audience in the market. With our unique methodologies of targeting the ideal market for a certain business our team of experts fully engage in providing the services which are time and cost-effective.

techniques developed

The team

Meet the core team who helped KE Media to get where it is today and where it will be in future. 



Saatvik ruddra

co-founder & DIRECTOR

Shriya Sharma

Advertising Manager

Brijesh Mangotra

Content management

Ankita Vishwakarma

Affiliate Marketing team lead

Megha Narula

Foreign Client Management

Our Vision

Life of Ideas

With KE Media, Our vision is to build an agency which helps startups and businesses achieve their goals. We have acquired and are consistently growing our team of frontend/backend developers, content writers, photo/video artists, pro advertisers. We are constantly developing new ideas and techniques in the fields of digital marketing and software development. We aim at going global with our clientele and we plan to do that by delivering extravagant results to the companies that have partnered with Us.

KE Media

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